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About Us

We help companies of every size achieve technological transformation.


You know that technology has the power to transform your business. But you are not sure how to capitalize on that promise. And there are so many options these days - cloud vs. on-premise, agile vs. waterfall, social media and next-generation web sites, to name just a few.

Our consultants have a "been there, done that" track record of successful business transformation projects across several industries, technologies and geographies. Our experience and expert-level skills allow us to provide services at your request, based on our best practices approach. Here are just a few of the services our clients have requested in the past:

  • Strategic Technology Assessment and Roadmap (STAR). Our original and most popular bundled offering, the STAR engagement is a great accelerator and first step on your technology transformation journey. It will help define your current environment, document challenges and provide a plan for your transformation.
    • Delivery: 1-3 of our consultants will come on your site for 1-2 weeks, conducting interviews and workshops with technical and business groups and individuals. The second portion of the engagement is accomplished off-site, where we apply our experience and scientific algorithms to help define your journey and prepare the assessment and roadmap deliverables.
    • Investment: The STAR engagement has a flat fee of $27,250 plus travel expenses.
  • Brand Engagement. It is absolutely crucial that anyone and everyone that needs or wants to engage your brand (customers, employees, vendors, etc.) be able to do so wherever they are in the world, on whatever device they choose. We are bona fide experts at pulling together all of the building blocks (responsive web design, enterprise collaboration, social media, phone/tablet apps, push notifications, marketing technology) to help you upset the apple cart.
  • Site Reboot. You know the situation: you have a corporate web site, but the last time anyone messed with it was years ago. It is running on old technology and just doesn't look as "cool" as you want. But how do you know what's "cool" when they keep changing the definition? And where do you get started making a wholesale change to the site? And once it's done, how do you support it, keep it fresh and ensure that there are no security vulnerabilities? It seems a daunting task, and it IS a daunting task, if you have never done it before. Rely on our experience doing this at countless customers across many vertical industries. Trust us and your new site will be cool, fast and secure...and we will either sign you up with a support contract or give you the tools you need to ensure that all three adjectives (fast, cool, secure) will continue to describe your site long after we are gone.
  • DevOps Transformation. You know that you need to be better in your deployment of applications but are unsure about where to start. After all, it is a huge change to move from your current processes and tools to continuous deployment. We are experts at enterprise DevOps transformations; we will consult with you, help you understand what risks are real (and which are nothing but myth), coach your team on real-life projects and help you build a Center of Excellence positioned for self-sufficient future success! Get started with a DevOps Rocket.
  • Cloud Transformation. Just like with Agile, you know you need to utilize the cloud and its cost savings, but have concerns about risk and where to start. We will help you identify the best opportunities to take advantage of the cloud in the short- and long-term. Certain cloud possibilities are just more risky than others. We will work closely with you to define your cloud transformation as part of your overall roadmap, ensuring that your cloud investments exhibit the right ROI and fit into the bigger picture.
  • CIO Candidate Services. We have found that the best approach is often for one of our consultants to serve as interim CIO, with an eye toward the right strategic hire to receive our handoff and build on our foundation. We have discrete expertise in identifying and screening both internal and external candidates for all senior technology roles.


Joe Mack has delivered over 50 transformational cloud, collaboration, custom development and DevOps projects for companies ranging from household names to small shops. He is a regular speaker at conferences and corporate events, as well as more intimate settings like user groups, community events and the Microsoft Saturday events (SharePoint Saturday, SQL Saturday).

To book Joe for your event, contact him at

Winning the Cloud

Target: IT Leadership

Extract: You know that some form of cloud adoption or hybrid architecture is a must. You need to realize the efficiencies of the cloud ASAP. But in order to justify continued investment and look like the hero you are, you need to start on a winning streak. Your first foray into the cloud cannot be anything but an unmitigated success. Learn how to choose the right first project, where to save money and where NOT to save money. Join Joe Mack as he shares his lessons learned from real world cloud implementations and gives his advice for Winning the Cloud.

Azure Development - Nuts to Soup

Target: Architects and Developers

Extract: This presentation starts with a demo of an end-to-end cloud application that is deployed on Microsoft Azure. After the demo, we will break down the components and redeploy the environment piece-by-piece. We'll create, build and deploy a front end web site, decoupled API and backend data store. During the exercise of wiring up all of the components, we will show multiple deployment tools and scenarios supported by Azure, including one-click deployment from Visual Studio, Git deployment from the command line and automated deployment upon code check-in to Visual Studio Team Services.

LinkedIn - You're Doing it Wrong

Target: All Employees

Extract: This presentation is a sometimes irreverant romp through a list of the most common LinkedIn "fails" that most people are doing and that keep them from achieving maximum benefit from the world's preeminent business social networking tool. Joe will cover what to do, what not to do, how to do it and how to get the most out of the community. This presentation has been given to just about every conceivable business or technology audience and is always a hit!

API Field of Dreams

Target: IT Leadership, Enterprise Architects

Extract: When it comes to your APIs, if you have a strong brand, the "Field of Dreams" theory applies - if you build it (an API), they (developers) will come. But if you do not build it correctly, with developers in mind at every turn, they will not stay, and they will not come back. If you follow the common sense design principles in this presentation, you will build your API such that developers will want to use it time after time. Anything less is worse than not having an API in the first place. Let Joe share the design principles he has developed over more than a decade of architecting and implementing service-oriented solutions.

Everything I Need to Know About DevOps I Learned in Beast Barracks

Target: All IT Employees, PMO, Anyone Wanting an Intro to DevOps Transformation

Extract: Join Joe Mack on a fun, engaging journey through an introduction to enterprise DevOps principles. He will recount his experiences as a DevOps evangelist, transformation coach, architect, implementor and developer. He will also weave in pertinent general lessons learned through sometimes funny, sometimes sad but always entertaining stories from his experiences at "Beast Barracks", basic training for West Point Cadets, in the summer of 1986.

How to Value Your Developers

Target: IT Leadership, Corporate Leadership, PMO

Extract: Does your company employ developers? If so, do you have a Developer Evangelist? If not, or maybe even if you do, this presentation should be highly useful. In order to get the most value from your developer investments, you have to value your developers, and using traditional methods to show your love can do more harm than good. Join Joe Mack for a peek behind the curtain to learn a little bit more about what motivates developers and what actions you should be taking right now to ensure that you are not only properly valuing your developers but also positioning your company for maximum success with your technology investments.

Our Services

In addition to the focused services mentioned in the About Us section above, we offer the following services...


We have delivered cloud solutions of every size and shape since the beginning. While the bulk of our experience is with Azure, we are comfortable using any cloud provider. Past Solutions: Application Modernization, Cloud APIs and XaaS (Infra, Platform, Software, etc.).


We are legitimate experts in implementing Microsoft SharePoint solutions, whether they are on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. Past Solutions: Knowledge Management, Document Management, Intranet, Extranet, Workflow, Enterprise Social.

Custom Development

We have seasoned developers on the .NET platform, as well as next generation web development platforms (MEAN, HTML5, CSS3, etc.) We also have run successful development projects with offshore development teams in multiple countries, so we can offer onshore customer service with the financial benefits of using offshore resources, when appropriate.


In addition to offering support packages for our solutions and project deliverables, we also have a more structured offering for SharePoint. Learn more at

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